Understanding YouTapping

Understanding YouTapping

VERY IMPORTANT: YouTapping aims to release emotional discomfort at the subconscious root. Before continuing or practicing YouTapping, please read our disclaimer and agree to its conditions. Don’t forget to tap while you are saying the words below. At the end of the phrase, try holding your fingers still and in the tapping position for several seconds (eg over the collarbone). You may also wish to view information on how to do Emotional Freedom Technique. There are heaps of websites that will tell you the process, but my favourite practitioner is a guy called Brad Yates. He has hundreds of EFT videos on YouTube. You can find his website here… If you would like to read more about YouTapping, go to my YouTapping website here…

In Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) we go through a round of tapping that is centred on the word ‘I’.  You might for example say ‘I don’t deserve this’ or ‘Even though I am not worthy of abundance’ or ‘I feel so much resentment’ or whatever it is you might be tapping on at the time.  Though this can cause an exceptionally powerful emotional release, there are certain circumstances that could be addressed differently and give you a stronger release..

Having used Self Enquiry for quite a number of years, I came to understand through practice that the beliefs I hold are firstly derived from the subconscious ‘computer’ and that to find true release on something, I need to do it specifically from there and not the conscious mind. The conscious mind is where the story is told, but the subconscious mind is in effect the initial script writer. If there is no fear memory in the subconscious, then surely it cannot prompt the conscious mind to feel fear.

Many times the words that we hear from the subconscious mind are the words that we heard directly from other people. We might have heard “You are an idiot” or “You are a failure” etc. Normally in EFT we would make the release from the standpoint of having already accepted what we heard – ie “I am an idiot” or “I am a failure”, however this is not the root of the phrase, it was actually “You are…” So, instead of tapping on “I am…” we tap on “You are…”. We tap as we imagine the words are spoken to us using the same tone that was in the voice as we heard it or as best as we can remember. This is important because by using the same tone, we are remembering the energy of the moment more precisely and therefore tap to release it (for EFT meridian tapping points or instructions on how to do EFT go here).

NOTE : Tapping on the meridian points is crucial.. Otherwise, by just saying the words and not tapping, you will only re-suggest the situation to your subconscious mind instead of clearing it. By tapping, you release the energy that was produced in your body at the time that you heard the words and thus you permanently release it.

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